Osbanis & Anneta

Join a special workshop with this incredible couple (Cuba, PL)!

These great dancers, teachers and beautiful persons are coming to us straight from London to give our mambo dancing some juicy Cuban flavor.

  • At the first block you will learn about the history of salsa, about different instruments and rhythms from the best sources. Son, rumba, salsa, afro? After this workshop there will be no more mysteries about it for you.
  • The second block is Osbanis and Anneta’s iconic class – “Deakocan dance from your heart” where you will be able to put in practice all the information from previous class and you will learn how to feel and express music in the organic way instead of just repeating dance moves. Trust us – you will feel the difference after this class;)

Prices for 3 hours – until the end of may 55€ – from June 1st 65€

Don’t miss it!!!

Don’t miss this special 6h workshop with one of the most wanted worldwide artist- one and only Maykel Fonts!
He will teach open level workshop for everybody who wants to learn more about afro cuban roots in salsa. This is first part of our Summer Bootcamps- 2 more artists yet to be announced stay tuned!

Tuesday 8.08:

19:00-20:30 rumba cubana
20:30-22:00 palo
Wednesday 9.08:
19:00-20:30 afro cuban fundamentals
20:30-22:00 Maykel fusion (intermediate/advanced)

Next Friday 2nd of June we are opening a brand new class- Funky Salsa with Ale Chen at 7pm

In this class you will explore the fusion of funk influences to salsa footwork diving into a world of syncopated beats and soulful movements. Expect to groove to an eclectic mix of music, ranging from classic salsa tunes with a funky twist to contemporary hits that merge both genres flawlessly.

You will learn a variety of funky salsa combinations and focus not only on technical precision but also on musicality and interpretation, allowing you to connect deeply with the music and infuse your dancing with emotion and personality.

Whether you’re aiming to impress on the social dance, perform on stage, or simply immersing yourself in the joy of dance, this funk-influenced salsa class is the perfect fit for you.

Come join us and let the funky beats ignite your dance like never before!


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