Dance classes for kids

We offer dance classes for kids in various age groups and styles, and also offer the possibility of taking group lessons with classes from elementary school or high school. Contact us for more information.

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5 – 7 years

Learning to dance to African sounds at the earliest age. This class is all about having fun and developing your first dancing skills. Focus on key fundamentals, control of the body and effortlessly moving on the dance floor


5 – 7 years / 8 – 11 Years

Starting off with learning the basic ballet positions and movements. Kids can benefit from learning these skills, not only during dance classes but also in everyday life. Ballet classes are the foundation for training and focus on developing a solid ballet technique with emphasis on understanding correct body placement, coordination of the upper body and use of arms.

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11 – 15 years

Isn’t this amazing? Learning the coolest Tiktok dances from a professional teacher. And if you’ve seen the perfect Tiktok-dance online, you can always put in a request!


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